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​​​​​​​​​​​​​podcast scripts


This is the page where you can download all the scripts to the podcasts. Use them as part of your revision and a really good idea is to read and listen at the same time. Research suggests that you are more likely to remember content through what you see and hear rather than just seeing or hearing in isolation.


The files are in PDF format so they should be able to be accessed by all operating systems. When you download them you agree that they will only be used for personal use and should never be sold on.

Please support these podcasts by making a donation. I run these podcasts to help other students understand chemistry however there are costs associated with it that I cover out of my own pocket. Donations will keep this project viable and will allow a more rapid expansion of the podcasts and development of more products to aid your revision! I would love to run a live progamme with the right technology! Thank You!!


PODCAST 1 Atomic Structure.pdf
PODCAST 2 Mass Spectrometry and Relative Mass.pdf
PODCAST 3 Electron Configuration.pdf
PODCAST 4 Ionisation Energies.pdf
PODCAST 5 Trends in Ionisation Energies.pdf
PODCAST 6 The Mole.pdf

PODCAST 7 Atom Economy, Yield and Empirical Formula.pdf 

PODCAST 8 Ionic Bonding and Water of Crystallisation.pdf

PODCAST 9 Titrations and Making Standard Solutions.pdf
PODCAST 10 Covalent Structure and Bonding.pdf

PODCAST 11 Intermolecular Forces.pdf

PODCAST 12 Metallic Bonding and Properties.pdf

​​PODCAST 13 Comparison of Chemical Bonding and Structure.pdf

PODCAST 14 Group 2 - Alkaline Earth Metals.pdf

PODCAST 15 Group 2 Elements - Uses.pdf

PODCAST 16 Alkanes and Petrochemicals.pdf

PODCAST 17 Fuels - Combustion of Alkanes.pdf

PODCAST 18 Making Haloalkanes from Alkanes.pdf

PODCAST 19 Oxidation States.pdf

PODCAST 20 Redox Reactions.pdf